CCTV Inspection

Detect serious grade problems,
cracked pipes, and leaks
USI's state-of-the-art closed circuit color TV inspection can detect serious grade problems, cracked pipes and leaks. Our remote controlled color video also identifies problems in single access situations. USI's CCTV capabilities include:
  • Inspecting 4" through man-entry diameter pipe;
  • Pan-N-Tilt technology allows 360' views of all pipe defects and structural conditions, including viewing up service connections for further conditions;
  • Video capture adds another dimension to the video inspection tapes. Our technology will provide still pictures of problem areas for closer review.
Ideal for hard-to-reach situations - 90-degree bends and small diameter pipes, USI's mini-cam inspection can locate cracks, leaks and other problem areas with only one access point. The system helps us inspect through cleanouts in 4-, 5 and 6-inch pipes successfully and efficiently.

For more information on how USI can solve your most difficult sewer challenges, contact the sewer service experts today.

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